Submit vat registration form to turn into a vat registered trader

If you want to get a vat certificate and issue vat invoices then you will first need to submit the applicable vat registration form to turn into a vat registered trader. Vat or value added tax is applied on goods and services sold in most eu countries including the UK.

It is the European Commission that has specified eu vat rules that need to be followed by all vat-abiding eu countries including the UK, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Poland, etc. Although each country has made subtle interpretations of these vat rules, in principle, each eu country has adopted them to enable easier cross-border flow of goods and services, and also as a means to enhance tax collections. If you are a trader in the UK then you can either directly opt for vat registration once you start your own business or wait until you reach the vat threshold limit of £70,000 in taxable sales in the previous 12 months, in which case it is mandatory for you to turn into a vat registered trader.

However, since Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs or hmrc vat department has shifted most operations online, you would need to equip your business with an internet-enabled computer, if you have not done so until now. You should also hire an expert vat agent to help you with the vat registration process while also helping you submit your vat returns and vat refunds in future. You should also learn on how to use all vat online services that are on offer by hmrc vat as well as visit their website regularly to keep in touch with the latest updates. For example, the standard vat rates in the UK are poised to rise from the current 17.5% to 20% from January 4, 2011, and vat threshold limits too are poised to change accordingly.

You can easily locate the applicable VAT registration form on the website of hmrc, namely If you are in any other eu country that follows vat then a simple search over any popular search engine will allow you to locate the vat department of your country. As regards to the UK, you can simply download any vat form that you wish on to your computer including the registration form. If you are an individual that is running your own business then you can just fill up the VAT 1 registration form online and submit it to hmrc, of course with the help of your vat agent.

All other registration forms as regards to a partnership firm, charitable trust, club, distance selling businesses, or any other organizations can be downloaded to your computer but you will need to print it at your end and submit it by return post after filling up the same. Hmrc might also ask for other details regarding your business, if required and you can expect the vat registration process to be completed within a month after you file for registration. Based on the size of your business and advice from your vat agent, you can also choose the type of vat accounting scheme that is most suited for your business.

Registering for vat is the first step that you will need to take if you want to receive your vat certificate and issue vat invoices with your vat number. The process itself is very simple in the UK where hmrc has taken most services online. All you need to do is to hire an expert vat agent and submit vat registration form to turn into a vat registered trader so that you can quickly start out in the world of vat.